5 tips to start working on that summer body


Are the pounds sticking around inexcusably now that your favorite sports activity is on hold due to coronavirus? Or have you secretly never been the biggest fan of exercise, but think it's time to start living a healthier life? The following tips will help you along the way.


Get into action

Admittedly, bikini season is still a long way off. The idea that others won’t notice a few extra pounds under those heavy winter clothes seems like a great excuse to put your good intentions on hold for a while, but nothing could be further from the truth. Getting in shape takes time. If you start now, you will have the luxury of building your workouts at your own pace and getting fit in time for summer without risking injury.


Set concrete goals

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to move? It helps to keep a clear goal in mind. Decide whether you want to be able to walk ten miles, lose five pounds, or fit back into those two-year-old pants. Then, work out a training schedule with which you can achieve your goal. You decide how detailed you make it. You can decide to simply put on your running shoes three times a week, or you can record in advance how long, how far, and where you will jog each time out. Some people benefit from a more casual approach, while others need a detailed plan to get started. As you get closer to your goal, you will feel more and more in shape and more like working up a sweat.


Choose the right sport

In the previous example, we talked about jogging, but there are of course many more options for those who want to exercise more. Many people start walking because it is such an obvious choice, but don’t actually enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy an activity, it will be almost impossible to make it a routine. If you prefer dancing, cycling, mountain biking, ice skating, swimming, tennis or ping pong, that's fine too. Or why not get a treadmill or exercise bike at home, so that you can combine your exercise with your favorite tv series? This way, will you never have to feel guilty about a night of binge-watching again.


Also, watch your diet

Anyone who invariably treats themselves to a serving of fries after a sports session is in for trouble. So if you are determined to lose weight, you should not only exercise more, but also pay attention to your diet. This doesn't mean that you should cut everything you like from your menu. You will simply need to make more conscious choices, for example by choosing fruit as a snack, drinking water instead of soft drinks, and saying no to alcohol more often.


 Reward yourself

As long as you're not doing it with food, it's also not a bad idea to reward yourself regularly when you get one step closer to your goal. With, for example, a nice sports outfit, a fitness watch, or a smart scale that measures your BMI to keep an even closer eye on your progress. And as soon as it gets warmer: a flashy new bikini or swimming pants!


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